You Guys, Ocean State Job Lot is on Instagram

In a big way. The man in charge (AKA @TheJobLotGuy) is not fucking around, either. He's dancing. Like really dancing. Trotting and thrusting. Watch him go.

I like a world where a store that deals in boiled oysters and tube socks surprises us with a sassy indoor beach dance video. They tried to make it happen with a girl.


But the I-got-invited-to-pose-for-Job-Lot-and-you-didn't dance is no fun. Now then, who wants to go on a trip to Sex Job Lot?

No, this photo was not stolen from a Cosmopolitan story on doing it in the kitchen. It's a Job Lot original. Same as this one.


Sadly, Job Lot Guy is MIA since July 10th. His last post is kind of eery.


Job Lot Guy, please do your jobs: Reclaim your purple flip flops. Build a back to school tree out of Trapper Keepers and mechanical pencils. And wiggle-wiggle in the semi-buff in front of the boiled oysters.

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