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Yankee Magazine Asking the Tough Question: Sub or Grinder?

Do you call it a sub or a grinder? Those are the only options, people. Don't say "hero". Don't even think about saying "sammy".

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Best thing is article is an excerpt from an original piece published in 1990. Talk about timeless journalism!

And Best Comment Award goes to wild man Norm Aabye:


Born and raised in Connecticut, we always called them grinders. In our "senior" years, we moved to rural Pennsylvania. I called a local pizza restaurant and asked if I could order a meatball and sausage "grinder". The voice on the other end of the phone said, "What?" I quickly hung up, wondering what I had said wrong. I then looked at the little menu I had at the house and found out that our here they're called "hoagies"….not grinders! We had a good laugh and learned about local lingo when it comes to food names.

Yeah, calling any stranger and using the word "grinder" is generally considered a high risk activity.

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