The Bangor Daily News looks into three reality shows based in Maine that are in development.

Downeast DickeringOK, so they aren't from Down East. Cast members hail from Bethel, Sangerville and Auburn, but at least they're actually from Maine (well, mostly; there are a few from Vermont). And, luckily for us, the folks on the History Channel's newest Maine-centric hit series "Downeast Dickering" are both wildly entertaining and happily representative of many Mainers, with their good humor, practicality and no-nonsense attitude. Anyone who loves Maine periodical Uncle Henry's, which loves Mainers, or who loves a good bargain would do well to look the show up. The first season of the series ended a few weeks back, and a second season starts filming in a couple weeks.

North Woods Law — This Animal Planet series that follows Maine game wardens landed on screens in the fall of 2012. It was a hit and, as of June, we're in the midst of season three. You get to watch Maine game wardens track animals and navigate the rugged back woods of Maine — what's not to love? The beauty and diversity of wildlife in Maine's forests must be seen to be believed, as well as the skills and intelligence displayed by the wardens on each episode.

Cold River Cash — This Animal Planet show focuses on three teams of Maine fishermen who spend 10 weeks per year trying to earn thousands of dollars fishing for glass eels, or elvers — a hot, fiercely coveted commodity in Maine, the secretive catching of which can sometimes result in law-breaking and other shenanigans. There's no word yet if a second season has been ordered. The final episode of the eight-week first season, shot in and around Brunswick, Scarborough and Hebron, aired in early March.


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