We New Englandahs know our Dunkin Donuts. You order a regulah hot coffee at the drive-thru and the plucky girl at the next window is like, "Can you just frickin' take this Strawberry Coolatta with extra whip instead so I can go on my break?"

It's part of the charm. A DD franchise is a snowflake. Sometimes it's a Boston Kreme dream. Sometimes you're eating a Menthol creme puff.

The thing is, sometimes you want a Menthol creme puff, which is why New Englandahs in LA have pined so hard for DD. And then it happened: We got one! Some people are happy, like the expert from Attleborough in this opening day KTLA news clip.

But other Yelpers of LA have already begun practicing the hallowed East Coast art of bitching about Dunkin Donuts. Ah, the circle of life.

10. Lil'Mo S.: I threw it out after tasting it. I wouldn't even feed this to my dogs.


9. Nathanael J.: Completely unprofessional, a shame to the entire donut industry and the fine name if Dunkin Donuts. They would not allow paying customers and donut aficionados such as myself and my colleagues entrance EVEN 1.5 hours BEFORE closing time. A pox on these charlatans, they do not deserve the fine title of frymen!


8. A O.: People who line up here should all watch the movie " Fed Up".

7. Robert R.: In the end I got my breakfast sandwiches, a box of munchkins, some doughnuts and iced coffee. Was it worth it for a taste of home? Fuck no.

6. S. A.: Pretty much BULLSHIT to make us wait in line for over a hour and only offer bullshit stale donut holes.


5. Luxlamf L.: It's a donut shop not BOA or CUT or 21 etc....I finally get inside and see what looks to be people having trouble at the counter, there are no less than 10 people behind the counter and they all look lost, SERIOUSLY LOST, MOUTHS OPEN STARRING AT THE CEILING LOST.


4. Eric G.: My 8 months pregnant girlfriend and I waited an hour in line. As we're steps away from the register the woman in front of us ordered three dozen donuts, cleaning out four of the flavors we'd just waited an hour to get. There needs to be some sort of limit in place when everyone else is waiting that long, especially when they didn't have any other fresh donuts to replace them.

Stock photos of pregnant women with donuts


3. Kristijana O.: Dunkon Donutas at airports are more organized than this place.

2. Jayzee B.: We lined up for more than an hour to taste the freshness and goodness of their donuts but much to our regrets, the donuts are not fresh as we expected....The crews are friendly and helpful but the guy in the entrance door who took our dozens order was smelly and stink. Using a deodorant might be a big help!

1. D J.: Not what I was hoping for after waiting two hours in line on my birthday. :(