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Lobster? I Just Met Her!

The third annual National Lobster Roll Eating Championship takes place at The Bangor State Fair on Sunday, July 27 at 6p. There's still time to enter!

And enter you should, because you have a pretty good shot at taking the whole thing:

Unlike past years, the 2014 Bangor State Fair National Lobster Roll Eating Championship will not include any featured Professional Competitive Eaters. Interested local and amateur participants are encouraged to register for their chance to win an officially sanctioned Competitive Eating Championship and possibly have their names etched into the Competitive Eating history books. The event has become an anticipated East Coast Competitive Eating Championship and could include participation from area Professional Competitive Eaters. Last year's National Lobster Roll Eating Championship was won by well known Professional Competitive Eater, Jamie "The Bear" McDonald who ate 28 lobster rolls in 8 minutes.


The winner will take home $700.

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