This is wicked cute: 'Fenway' is the most popular (pupular)(wicked sorry)(not wicked sorry) dog name in Boston.

The Lowell Sun reports that a study conducted by Wellness Natural Pet Foods and the animal rescue benefit group Rescue the Runway found that Bostonians extend their love of sports to their pets.

Other Red Sox-themed names making the list were: Teddy, for Hall of Famer Ted Williams; Wally, for the Red Sox mascot; Tessie, for the team's punk-rock theme song; and Tek, the nickname of former catcher Jason Varitek.

The Patriots also had a presence on the list with Bruschi, for former linebacker Tedy Bruschi, and Brady, which needs no explanation. Completing the list were Copley, Bruin and Boston.

What Boston sports-related name have or would you choose for your pet? I think I'd go with Monstah. It has a certain ring to it.