It looks like it's time to have our very first New Englandah meet-up! The Wahlbergs and their burgers and their truck and their accents are coming to town.

From Time Out New York:

To promote the upcoming premiere of Wahlburgers' second season, Mark, Donnie and Paul are rollin' their Beantown burgers into New York. Get a free patty and crispy tator tots on Friday, Aug. 8 and Saturday, Aug. 9 between 11am–7pm in Herald Square. And if you can't hit up the truck this weekend, don't worry, just get to the Flatiron pedestrian plaza on Tuesday, Aug. 12 (11am–7pm) before they run out of gratis rounds.

August 8 also just happens to be the day on which the editrix of The New Englandah was brought forth into this world, so basically what we're saying is LET'S PAAAHHHTYYYY!!!